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Joel has been in film production for over a decade, 9 of those years spent in Los Angeles, the world's largest film hub. While building experience as a director, Joel worked extensively in physical production in a variety of capacities on movies like Marvels “Spiderman: No Way Home”, HBOs “Justice League”, and TV shows like “Westworld”, “Legion”, and “Lethal Weapon”.  Having worked in multiple departments, Joel understands the importance of collaboration. Every set is a group of skilled artists forming together, engaging in their craft to bring a vision to life, this is where the magic happens.


Dreaming big comes with responsibility. While everyone wants an amazing finished product to pop on social media or lure a viewer, not every budget affords that impact. Joel’s experience however, has lent him an insight on how to exercise creativity in a practically-minded way. This ensures every client gets the most bang for their buck in finding the filmmaking sweet spot between staying on schedule, and producing something that moves you.


As a father of two, Joel understands the importance of family. Having raised kids in LA, and now branching out his business into the midwest and east coast, family is not only at home, but also at work. Joel believes everyone on set should be treated as family, and enjoys working with clients in this fashion. Creativity flows best when people feel safe, empowered and excited, an atmosphere he brings on every set. Joel believes collaboration, practicality, and family are the three pillars that push every vision to its fullest potential.

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